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Student First Campus

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The Student First Campus envisions whole school infrastructure improvements in student learning spaces to provide the foundation for the success of the many pillars of the Limitless Learning Plan. This will ensure GESS has the cutting-edge facilities, equipment and resources to offer world-class programmes for our students. There will be investments in spaces for the arts, sports, STEM and outdoor learning, opening up new opportunities and programmes. GESS will also invest in enhancing learning and counselling spaces, fostering greater collaboration and a deeper sense of belonging to our school.

Additionally, we are committed to integrating sustainability and social responsibility into our curriculum and around the campus so that our students can learn about the challenges facing our world and how they can make a difference. We will achieve this by actively measuring our carbon footprint and then creating a community-led decarbonisation roadmap towards reducing consumption, waste generation and driving a culture of environmentally responsible procurement.

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Implementation Year 2023/2024


Limitless Learning Plan – Join our Principal on this journey!

GESS’ strategic 5-year Limitless Learning Plan is an embodiment of our commitment to fostering boundless growth, enabling learners…

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Introducing… the GESS Limitless Learning Plan

In 2024’s first edition of GESS Magazine, we took the opportunity to refresh everyone’s memory of our commitment…

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GESS – A Great Place To Work

Our teachers and staff are the pillars of support to ensure all students at GESS are empowered to…

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Launch of Student Wellbeing Centre

Finally, after months of preparation, the Student Wellbeing Centre was launched on 16 November, graced by Thomas Schaumburg,…

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Solar Panels at GESS

Our General Manager, Mr. Maclean Braganza, took our students on an educational tour of our completed solar panels…

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Head of Sports Craig Barry – What’s On, What’s More, What’s New

GESS remains a proudly inclusive, holistic school that celebrates all our students’ talents and abilities. Through our Limitless…

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New Preschool First Aid Station

GESS is pleased to unveil a new and dedicated Preschool First Aid Station, located at C112. This brings the total number of first aid stations on-campus to 3 – the other 2 located at K210 and H201.

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GESS Wildcats Launch

In a stride towards unity and sporting brilliance, GESS announces a new chapter in its competitive sports journey – the birth of a captivating sports logo – the GESS Wildcats.

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Enhancement of Campus Amenities

Throughout the summer break, GESS was busy enhancing on-campus amenities for the safety of our GESS community.

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Implementation Year 2024/2025


Enhanced Whole School Events

One of best parts of life at GESS is our signature whole school events, which foster a warm…

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Carbon Footprint Analysis 

As a first major step towards sustainability, we plan to build a detailed picture of GESS’ carbon footprint…

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Student Space Improvement Plan

Our campus has many pockets of space that our students can hang out or relax at. Some of…

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More School-owned Devices for Students

Moving with the global shift towards a highly digital and dynamic society, GESS counts cutting-edge technology and collaborative…

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New Career Counselling Centre

As part of additional support for GESS high school students, a new Career Counselling Centre is in the…

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New Arts Studio

When GESS moved to our current purpose-built campus in 2018, we had already factored in room and flexibility…

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Implementation Year 2025/2026


Swim Programme – The Next Phase

Our GESS swim team and programme have been very vibrant, but this is hardly the end! Anticipate more…

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Improvements to Football Field Infrastructure

Our GESS football field is highly utilised and supports many student and partner activities. As part of ongoing…

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Sheltered Outdoor Fitness Zone

Our purpose-built campus constantly goes through spatial review, to better utilise and refresh existing spaces. One of our…

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New Climbing Wall

At GESS, our students benefit from an all-rounded education and campus life. In our expanding suite of sport…

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Develop a Decarbonization Roadmap

Together with our school community, we will develop a 5-year decarbonisation pathway towards sustainability goals and identify industry…

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2018 2020 Sports Photos Marketing Selection 82

Better & More Sports Facilities

With our sports offerings primed to be a bigger, better suite of choices for students, expect our sports…

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2018 2020 Sports Photos (marketing Selection) (102)

Sports Offering Enhancements

If you have not already heard, GESS announced a new chapter in our competitive sports journey – the…

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Implementation Year 2026/2027

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Electric School Buses Project

GESS will work with our bus partner to steadily transition towards sustainable transportation options for our students.

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More Experts Coaching Our Sporting Talents

Along with campus facilities enhancements and more programme offerings in sports, we are beefing up our coaching team…

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Implementation Year 2027/2028

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New EdTech Hub

You would have noticed enhancements and changes to our campus, even though it’s only been a few years…

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