Pillar 2

Student Wellbeing

Cultivating confident individuals

GESS will strategically invest in the pivotal domain of social-emotional learning. Over the next five years, substantial resources will be dedicated to the development of social-emotional learning (SEL) curricula, robust mentoring and coaching initiatives, proactive programmes and enhanced student support. The benefits to our students are better relationships, clearer and more effective decision-making as well as greater self-management. Consequently, our students will exhibit increased productivity, a heightened sense of affiliation with GESS and a more profound sense of belonging within our community.

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Implementation Year 2022/2023


Preschool Student Support & Wellbeing Team

GESS takes a whole community approach to student wellbeing, including partnering with our families. Pivoted on our school’s…

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Child Protection Curriculum Training

Before the summer break, GESS hosted the Keeping Safe: Child Protection Curriculum Training, facilitated by Australian trainers and attended by participants from 9 international schools across several countries.

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The Wonders of Nature In Outdoor Education

Our Preschool Educator Agisa Abdulla was recently certified as a Forest School Leader. Hear from Agisa on this interesting approach to education.

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Implementation Year 2023/2024


GESS Parent Academy – Digital Coffee Morning: A Parent’s Guide to the Gaming World

More than 30 GESS parents convened on 11 March to hear about how big the video game industry…

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GESS Parent Academy – SafeTALK Workshop

In end February 2024, our Head of Student Wellbeing, Ms Shakila Omar, conducted a morning workshop for parents…

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Launch of GESS Parent Academy (GPA)

Parents have been an integral part of our GESS community, playing an active role in what we do…

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Student Wellbeing Through the Eyes of Cara Lucas, Lead Counsellor

The GESS Student Wellbeing Department was restructured in 2023 to better serve our community through new initiatives and…

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Limitless Learning Plan – Join our Principal on this journey!

GESS’ strategic 5-year Limitless Learning Plan is an embodiment of our commitment to fostering boundless growth, enabling learners…

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Introducing… the GESS Limitless Learning Plan

In 2024’s first edition of GESS Magazine, we took the opportunity to refresh everyone’s memory of our commitment…

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GESS – A Great Place To Work

Our teachers and staff are the pillars of support to ensure all students at GESS are empowered to…

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Training & Upskilling Our Educators – Visible Learning and Suicide Prevention

In December 2023, GESS conducted training as part of our continual professional development for educators. We focused on…

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Launch of Student Wellbeing Centre

Finally, after months of preparation, the Student Wellbeing Centre was launched on 16 November, graced by Thomas Schaumburg,…

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Student Safety Travel Enhancement

At GESS, we know how much our students enjoy their school trips, and we continue to make these…

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Middle School 2

Continued Homeroom Teacher Support for Grade 6

From AY2023-2024, to give them the best social-emotional and academic support through this phase, homeroom teachers will continue to be their beacon of support through Semester 1 in Grade 6.

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Annual Safeguarding Training For Staff

At the beginning of every academic year, staff and faculty members convene for our annual safeguarding training, kickstarting the year’s series of related training.

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New Preschool First Aid Station

GESS is pleased to unveil a new and dedicated Preschool First Aid Station, located at C112. This brings the total number of first aid stations on-campus to 3 – the other 2 located at K210 and H201.

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Implementation Year 2024/2025


Enhanced University Counselling Programme

GESS’ career and university counselling team has been partnering many corporate and educational entities to organise mock interviews,…

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Comprehensive Student Data Project

To make personalised education possible, GESS will be adopting a data-driven approach to give our faculty insights on…

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Implementation Year 2025/2026

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Implementation Year 2026/2027

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Implementation Year 2027/2028

03 Middle School

The Importance of Homeroom Teachers

Homeroom teachers have always played an important role in GESS, being the constant beacon of support for many…

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Mentoring & Coaching Support

At GESS, we recognise and celebrate every student being different. To help our students determine and achieve their…

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Outdoor Learning Forest School for Preschool

Situated within walking distance to Dairy Farm Nature Park, GESS makes good use of our strategic location to…

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Implementation Year 2028/2029

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Schoolwide Approach to Safeguarding

A schoolwide approach to safeguarding based on international best practices will be in place, embracing established safeguarding curriculum…

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International Standards for Wellbeing Programmes

At GESS, we believe students who are happy, supported and have a sense of belonging in our community…

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