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Ensuring a well-rounded school culture

GESS remains a proudly inclusive, holistic school that celebrates all our students’ talents and abilities. Through the Limitless Learning Plan, we will professionalise and expand the subject and co-curricular programmes offered, allowing our students to discover their talents and pursue their passions to the highest levels in a large range of interests. Our students will benefit from more opportunities in the arts, languages, technology, science and sports with world-class programmes offered at different levels of abilities.

Combined with the investments planned under the Student First Campus Pillar, our students will enormously benefit from both cutting-edge facilities and the world-class instruction provided by our expert educators and coaches.

Investments in culture will lead to our students graduating with a stronger holistic profile, a deeper appreciation of their talents and abilities and a greater sense of confidence.

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Implementation Year 2022/2023

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Head of Swimming Ivan Bunakov – New Chapter, Same Ambition and Drive

With years of competitive swimming and coaching under his belt, Coach Ivan – as he is affectionately called…

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Implementation Year 2023/2024


Limitless Learning Plan – Join our Principal on this journey!

GESS’ strategic 5-year Limitless Learning Plan is an embodiment of our commitment to fostering boundless growth, enabling learners…

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Introducing… the GESS Limitless Learning Plan

In 2024’s first edition of GESS Magazine, we took the opportunity to refresh everyone’s memory of our commitment…

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Training & Upskilling Our Educators – Visible Learning and Suicide Prevention

In December 2023, GESS conducted training as part of our continual professional development for educators. We focused on…

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Solar Panels at GESS

Our General Manager, Mr. Maclean Braganza, took our students on an educational tour of our completed solar panels…

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Head of Sports Craig Barry – What’s On, What’s More, What’s New

GESS remains a proudly inclusive, holistic school that celebrates all our students’ talents and abilities. Through our Limitless…

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Sustainability Champs

GESS’ Sustainability Champions

GESS is honoured to be a part of the esteemed EuroCham Sustainability Awards 2023. We teamed up with…

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Swim Programme Milestones and What’s Next

We review the milestones of our swim programme from the past year and find out from Coach Ivan…

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Marvels of Creative Arts & Music

Did you know that art and music in early childhood education impact cognitive development and increase self-esteem? The…

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New Music Course and Instruments in Grade 5

From AY 2023/24 our our Grade 5 children next year can enjoy one more music course and more instruments to choose from.

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GESS Wildcats Launch

In a stride towards unity and sporting brilliance, GESS announces a new chapter in its competitive sports journey – the birth of a captivating sports logo – the GESS Wildcats.

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Implementation Year 2024/2025


Enhanced Whole School Events

One of best parts of life at GESS is our signature whole school events, which foster a warm…

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New Arts Studio

When GESS moved to our current purpose-built campus in 2018, we had already factored in room and flexibility…

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Schoolwide Service & Sustainability Programme

Having made Singapore our home for more than 50 years, GESS has been dedicated to connecting with and…

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Implementation Year 2025/2026


Swim Programme – The Next Phase

Our GESS swim team and programme have been very vibrant, but this is hardly the end! Anticipate more…

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Improvements to Football Field Infrastructure

Our GESS football field is highly utilised and supports many student and partner activities. As part of ongoing…

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Sheltered Outdoor Fitness Zone

Our purpose-built campus constantly goes through spatial review, to better utilise and refresh existing spaces. One of our…

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New Climbing Wall

At GESS, our students benefit from an all-rounded education and campus life. In our expanding suite of sport…

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2018 2020 Sports Photos Marketing Selection 82

Better & More Sports Facilities

With our sports offerings primed to be a bigger, better suite of choices for students, expect our sports…

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2018 2020 Sports Photos (marketing Selection) (102)

Sports Offering Enhancements

If you have not already heard, GESS announced a new chapter in our competitive sports journey – the…

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Implementation Year 2026/2027

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More Experts Coaching Our Sporting Talents

Along with campus facilities enhancements and more programme offerings in sports, we are beefing up our coaching team…

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Arts Partnerships & Collaborations

We know we have many talented students in GESS across the spectrum of creative, visual and performing arts….

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A Bigger Stage for Students in Creative Arts

A well-rounded education at GESS includes, among others, exploring creative arts. This will be integrated as part of…

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Implementation Year 2027/2028

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Schoolwide STEM Programme

At GESS, we are always looking for and developing new opportunities for our students, believing that such exposure…

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