Training & Upskilling Our Educators – Visible Learning and Suicide Prevention


In December 2023, GESS conducted training as part of our continual professional development for educators. We focused on whole-school initiatives for Visible Learning, why clarity is important for teachers and learners, how developing learning intentions and success criteria contribute to teacher clarity, and how to develop effective learning intentions and make them visible to learners.

Additionally, 20 of our dedicated staff members participated in a 2-day suicide prevention training at Tanglin Trust School. Collaborating with Student Wellbeing Teams from various international schools, we aimed to enhance our commitment to creating a safe and supportive environment. This academic year, some members of our Student Wellbeing team became qualified trainers to deliver Suicide Awareness training to parents, staff, and students older than 15 years. Many international schools now mandate a yearly 4-hour Suicide Awareness training for all staff members. GESS is proud to be part of this global initiative!