Limitless Learning

Embarking on a Journey of Limitless Learning

The strategic Limitless Learning project is an embodiment of GESS' commitment to fostering boundless growth, enabling learners to engage with diverse disciplines and cultivate a mindset of continuous evolution.

8 Community-Driven Strategic Pillars

From community feedback involving our board members, senior leadership, students and parents, 8 strategic pillars have been identified, to:

Increase the number of opportunities for our students to pursue their passion and develop new skills

Better support and nurture our students, ensuring there is no limit to what they can achieve

Enable further development of teaching and learning, improving learning outcomes

Click on the graphic below to learn more about the 8 strategic pillars identified.

Limitless Learning at GESS

A not-for-profit school that has been nurturing future generations for more than 50 years in Singapore, GESS is immensely proud of our roots. We remain true to our strong community foundations, celebrating respect, openness and diversity. We believe in giving our students the freedom to grow through the best in and beyond classroom teaching.

To support and nurture each student in fulfilling their best potential, GESS has embarked on our own new chapter – starting with a strategic five-year plan called Limitless Learning that will elevate our school to new heights, transforming how we work and what we work on.

What do not change are our values, mission and vision, and why we do these – to continue being a frontrunner as a tier one holistic international school in Singapore.

Ride with GESS on this journey, as we unveil upcoming developments and invite you to share each milestone.

Discover our initiatives here

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